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Length calibration is offered in the range of 0.0005 inches to 10.0000 inches (1.2700mm - 254.0000mm).  We provide accredited calibration services for a wide variety of calipers, micrometers, height gauges, dial and test indicators, rulers, tapes and pin gauges.  Our standards are Accuracy Grade AS-1 and fully traceable to NIST. QCS Calibrations 
Office Telephone - (809) - 246-7960
Carlos CELL - (809) - 791-4116
Mark CELL - (829) - 333-5860

Weighing Device Calibration
Calibración del dispositivo de pesaje
Force Calibration
Calibración de fuerza
Pressure / Vacuum Calibration
Calibración de presion / Vcacuum
Dimensional Calibration
Calibración dimensional
Mass Calibration
Calibración de masa
Temperature Calibration
Calibración de temperatura
Electrical Calibration
Calibración eléctrica
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