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QCS Calibrations specializes in Electrical, Temperature, Mass and Dimensional Accredited Calibraiton Services.  With over 20 years of combined experience in the engineering and calibration fields.

QCS Calibrations is positioned to provide calibration services of technical excellence, expeditious lead-times and uncompromising integrity.

Our management staff is comprised of accomplished professional in the electronics and industrial engineering fields with proven records working in corporate environments.  We offer a unique combination of technological proficiency and operational expertise.

Having been intimately involved in the manufacturing industries for the last 20 years, we thoroughly understand today's fast-paced culture and ever-changing customer demands. 

Our service motto:  "Unparalleled commitment to consistently exceed your expectations."
QCS Calibrations 
Office Telephone - (809) - 246-7960
Carlos CELL - (809) - 791-4116
Mark CELL - (829) - 333-5860

Weighing Device Calibration
Calibración del dispositivo de pesaje
Force Calibration
Calibración de fuerza
Pressure / Vacuum Calibration
Calibración de presion / Vcacuum
Dimensional Calibration
Calibración dimensional
Mass Calibration
Calibración de masa
Temperature Calibration
Calibración de temperatura
Electrical Calibration
Calibración eléctrica
Main Office: Avenue Luis Amiama Tio
Plaza Rem, Local 1 C San Pedro de Macoris, R.D.

Satellite Office: Calle-Rogelio Rosel No. 76.
Bayona, al lado de la antenna de Codetel
Manoguayabo, Dominincan Republic

E-Mail - QCScalibrations@gmail.com  RNC-130-855099
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